To Abbu,I will not go house this month.

02 May 2017

Farmgate, Dhaka.

Dear Abbu,

I am very glad to know about your sound helth.Alhamdulillah I am also well.last days you didn’t call me.But the day before yesterday you said to me that,Come to house.

Abbu,sorrowful matter is that,even though my semester exam has been held, eventhough I have no time in my hand..My versity is close but My english practice is never close.In this vacation I will spend my whole time with SE grouop.may be you know about SE group,so again I don’t want to explain it.You can say me,why you don’t much benefit will you get by it?Abbu, I must shure if I spend here more and more times here,I will be must that I don’t want to go to home this month. Don’t worry abbu,just pray for me.I will come together on Eid.Just pray for me abbu.

Take care to you and ammu.I am well abbu.No more today.

Your affectionate son


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