To my cousin,giving some practical hints on how to improve his proficiency in english.

3 May 2017,                               Farmgate,Dhaka.

Dear Sharif,

Take my cordial love,hope you are quite well by the grace of Allah.I have heard that you are learning english.your last phn call you want to get some practical hints for me,bt becouse of some resons I didn’t give u.Now I write about it.

You are grown up,so I think it needless to tell you much about it.yet,I am giving some practical hints.

In order to have good command on english you don’t have to learn any engliah grammar,becouse if you want to improveed your english skill, only grammar can’t help you.English is not a subject,it’s a language like Bangali…Sharif,we are bangali.when we say bangali language, do we follow bangali  grammar? You will ans me, why?Becouse we know about it.

English is like that,it’s not exceptional,just we have to do practice. we have to do practice more and more.Now you can say that where?when?how? I practice it,though it’s only depends on yourself, even so I want to say that, you  may know abouy SE group.You can get all ans in there.becouse in this group you will get,Reading section,Writing section, Listening section and Speaking section….

All section is very important for you.Without practicing speaking you cacan’t be fluent, Now a dayes fluency in speaking is must be need in everywhere.  To improve your Listening skill,or speaking skill you can join Audio adda wich is very helpful  for you.Reading and wtiting section will helpe you very much,becouse if you write a few words or few pages  in ennglish,it incrase your writing capacity… so don’t miss it….just practice here.

when you will get free time you can join there and you can do all kind of practice.It will be very benefited for you….

Besides it,you can read daily english newspaper like “The Daily star, The Daily sun”english magazine etc. You can see english film,you can hear english news like BBc news….

Last of all, if you want to improve your english skill you  must be need practice and spend time behind it…Then,all will be possible. No more today.

your affectionate brother,



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