To my mother,I mall member

Dear Ammu💜

At first take my cordial love.Hope you are well by the grace of Allah.Ammu I am also fine by the grace of allah and by the pray of you

Ammu,how about your helth?how about abbu’s helth?…Ammu pls take care your helth and take care abbu’s helth.pls don’t think about myself. I am so well ammu.I always take my food in my mess.Ammu you know,Zia vaia,sabuj vaia always with me. so why you think about me?They always help me ammu,in every time.

Ammu,pls don’t think aboout me.Pls ammu don’t do any hardwork are now so sick ammu,just understand it.

Ammu,your still position is not like your previous  position. so why you worked hard ammu?

plese no more else Ammu.    Its the time to take rest.

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