To my mother,I miss my family.

Dear Ammu💜

At first take my cordial love.

Hope you are well with all,by the grace of Allah.I am also fine ammu,by the grace of Allah and by the pray of you……….

Ammu,I heard that you are so much weak for some days. But you never tell me, you also tell me you arere well..why ammu don’t you tell me?Ammu pls take care your health.Now we are grown up person ammu,don’t think about ourself.Now you should take care your health.

Ammu,How is Tasnim today?Is she crying for me still?…Ammu I miss you,  I miss u Tasnim……….

Oh ammu,how about abbu today?He call me one day ago and said,he is very worried becouse,he can’t send money for me…And he also didn’t get her salary so he couldn’t send me money.

I told him,pls abbu don’t worry, I Have enough money in my hand.But he never want to understand pls tell him,I have enough money in my hand and don’t  tention for me…

Ammu,I miss you a lot.I also miss you abbu.I miss you apu,I miss you Tasnim…

Last of all, Ammu pls take care of you and our family. don’t tink about myself,I am so well……..

Your affectionate son



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