To my younger brother, how to adjust to the new place(mess).

Dear Sharif,

Receive my cordial love.Hope you are well.Your last phone call left me hopeless for your some problems…

Actually, Now you are stay in mess In Dhaka.Dhaka is wonderful  city though busy city…. I think,You are lucky becouse you can get all things near to in your hand.Last conversation you said me that,you couldn’t adjust with this new  city,and new food….

It is quit natural that,it takes time to get adjustment and to new environment. becouse you never live in a city like lived in a village.But I think,you shouldn’t forgot that nothing is impossible for man like you.Again time is a great with the short time you will be able to adjust yourself of the new place.

Another problem is that,you never live in a mess and you never take a food in mess it also a little matters for you,but I think it also will be adjuste with yourself insah-allah.

Keep patience vaia,and keep your study……In course of time,everything will be o.k. insah-allah…..

No more today bro.take my cordial love again.Best wishes to you vaia..

Your loving brother


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