To my younger brother,discussing the importance of learning english.

Dear Sharif.

At first take my cordial love.

Hope you are well with all of my family member.

I am very happy that,you wanted to know about the importance of learning engliah.

You may know that aabout Search Engliah group.You also will be glad to know that, I am member of this group,and now I can write there easily,now I can speak here fluently..


Anyway, come to the point.

English is very needful in everywhere.without english we can’t think anything.Without english you can’t able to know anything. without english you can’t get a good job.without english you can’t go abroad for your study perpous……

English still has a commanding position in every sphare of our life.It is very needful for you.

It is high time to realised the importance of learning English…..

I hope this latter of mine you will find you hale and hearty…

Yours ever


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