To read and write search English post daily

My Dear group members,

On getting your letter I am very glad.I hope you are going very well by the grace of magnanimous Allah.I came to know that you are so weak in English.Now I am telling you one thing.You should read and write comment regularly in Search English group.It is the most effective group in Bangladesh.

The benefits of reading and writing comment daily Search English group are many.They are very essential in our daily life.Every person is writing in the different country.You get the news of the current affairs of the world.Everyone give the knowledge of modern science and technology, games and sports, trade and commerce and culture and literature.

I would, therefore, advise you again to read and write a comment in Search English every day.If you can do it, you will remove your fear, shame and depression.You will surely get the benefit of it.

Your affectionately

Md: Niloy



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