True Friendship

This post has been written by Asmot Ali:

Now it’s my leisure time. I love to take the taste of vacation when its start in my life.One day when I was excercising under the open sky beside the street. She’d come to visit this place. I saw her at a first time. She was so innocent as well as attractive to look up. I found some attraction in her glorious face through my view. Some moment come everyone life that is so unforgettable from life. I can say about her that moment was so memorable for me. That was so much worthy to me when I got her to meet in this popular botanical garden under vacation time. Through leisure time I’d gotten her. We’d made powerful friendship within that vacation time.Gradually, We became well & splendid friend. Though we were married, we could able to sustain our excellent friendship. Off and on we were meeting up under that botanical garden for vigorousing our good friendship. At that inauguration time our family members were thought, we were being addicted in a relationship. But there thought was fake because we’d no relationship at all. We weren’t infatuated in love. We were fallen in a deep friendship. It was real friendship that’s why we could able to exceed all of debate and deform sights. I’m so happy, we’ve passed many years through our energetic friendship. Still now our family is so much disciple to her. From this friendship I could access, True friendship relation will never end in the whole & eternal world’s.

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