try to be attentive, punctual and regular in your tuition classes

Dear Owishi,

How are you? Hope that you are well by the grace of almighty Allah and passing your busy with studies. I am also well. How is about your mom and dad. Hope that they are also fine.

Last week, I had come to know that your first year final exam in going on. That means you are going through under pressure because of examination. Probably it is hard time for you. As you are a student of science your subjects are definitely difficult. Because of our government’s new educational process, getting good GPA in HSC from science is quite difficult. So you have to give full concentration in studies. After examination your 2nd year classes will be started and after 3months your pre-test examination will be held on time. So try to be attentive, punctual and regular in your tuition classes. Next year you will attend HSC Examination which is very important exam in every student’s life.

I know you definitely work hard for your exam. I again tell you that don’t waste your time in Facebook or other social Medias. Take care of your health and don’t panic. I know you will do better. Best of luck!

Your Elder Sister

Sharmin Alam Tosi

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