Village home: visiting and contributing to the rural economy


We like to spend our time with relative, friends and family in our festival. We prefer to go to village home and origin to celebrate this. We can help our rural economy to visits our village.

I was in my village home for a few days. It was for celebrating Eid festival. Suddenly it comes in my mind. I do not say, it would be a big contribution but we can take part to contribute our rural economy by visiting and staying in our village.

Now the question is how?

We go to village and get together in our festival. When we bound to village that means we have to stay there for a few days. We have to pay for the transport. Then we reach in our village. If you stay here you have to buy food, vegetable and daily necessaries. You can never think but your money is handing over to the rural people. As personally you are small part of this. But in any festival when many people doing this, it is a big amount. When you visit your relatives, you take some food and cloth for them. As you pass a busy time in city life. You would keep priority to buy it from your locality. You can help the poor. If it would be small and in your ability. If you are from a middle class family and you have limited income, notwithstanding. Those will increase the flow of money in our rural market and capital. It can revive our rural economy. It has not ended yet. You are coming back to the city after ending the festival. You can buy some vegetable, meat and fish. It would be fresh and fair. You never get a chance without visiting village that you are buying cucumber which is plucked a few minutes ago.


Sure, there are few problems like bad transportation, lack of accommodation, lack of health treatment. But in spite of these. Village home can be your great place for celebrating festivals.


I think, it is not like that we can only visit for contributing to the economy. At the same time, we are getting benefited ourselves by this. In this city life we pass a hectic life. So, we badly needed refreshment. Village can be the great choice. We can hike our natural beauty. In sooth to say, our every village is a like natural beauty. If you want to close to the nature, you need not spend a lot of money. Just go the village, in your own home, in your own place. Leaves of tree, streaming river, green field, crystal lake, chirping  bird, gentle wind, rainbow, open sky, horizon everything of village is calling you.


Why are you delaying?




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