Want to join the speaking adda

Dear Razib Brother ,

At first you take my Salam. Assalamualaikum.  Hope you are fine by grace of the Creator. Yes, I also fine.

Today I want to inform you something about myself. I am Sathi Istekar, the member of Search English Group. Two months ago I have joined here. Before joining here I could write something in English but it was very limited. And after joining here I have observed, that my writing power is developing gradually. I haven’t thought ever, that I will be able to write various kinds of topics in English any day. Yes, it has possible only for Search English. I’m really gleeful to join this group.

Brother, indeed, I have a little dream, and it is….one day I will be a fluent speaker in English. But I could not got the scope where I can practice. And I completely confident that I will do very well if I get any scope, any guideline.

Hence, my request to you, please brother call me in your speaking adda. I want to join there and make me able to be skilled. I want to proved that I also can.

Okay Brother, the letter is finishing now. I pray for you, may Allah bless you and your family always.

Sathi Istekar

Member of                               Search English


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