when memory make me cry

loving ma,

I know even believe u r well.u were a good woman by the every side.u were the best ma in the world.u sacrificed ur whole life for us.we even didn’t back anything in return.we losted our father very early but u made us never miss him.what kind of love a father loves to their childs we never knew.but what is ma, how she loves we know very well.when we r grown up, our backing time, u  r missing.every time when u go out for any necessary work promising us with backing time after crossing timelimite we were upset about getting u back.we were so young, n with my small brain the situation make me thought if I losted my mother also.when u returned my inner cry stoped.I had been the happyest one on the world.Now I find u everywhere I cannot find u.I want to see u,hug u.I want to be addressed by u, I want..

I m missing u a lot.without u life becocame very hard.

ur going made me change,what u used to ask me to do,I try to follow that.I m trying to make me a polite person.I m tring to be a good muslim.I had not done much for u,I m tring now,if my prayer becomes a big presentation for u.May allah blesse u with heaven.

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