Why are we weak in english? And how we can be skilled

Hi dear,
Lovely group mates how are you doing? What’s going on your practise? Hope you all are doing great job for your own betterment because education and knowledge is your assets but all achievements are called property. You know the difference between property and asset. Asset can not be destroyed ( Education) but property can be destroyed (car or house). Search English doesn’t provide you property it provides you assets like knowledge of language and behavior.

Let’s the crucial point :
Why are we weak in English?

You know we are Bangali and Bangla is our mother tongue. English is international language, it’s not our mother tongue like foreigners.
we are not habitual to use this language we just read it as a subject from

The reason of that we are naturally weak in English it’s not our fault, shy,weakness, inability.
It’s doesn’t mean that we are unable to achieve it.Don’t try to competition with foreigners, like you are weak and they are good at in English. Don’t do that because it decreases your confidence level. We are Bangladeshi and they are foreigners then why will we compair with them ourselves about their language. Just think it, are they good at in Bangla more than you,no it’s quite impossible by them.

Same way we are not good at English but we have ability to achieve this language. For that we need a platform from where we can learn it and practise also.The reason of that our beloved Razib Ahmed sir has created a platform by which we can practise for improving our English skilled. He has maked it only for general people who are searching a platform for practising english without fear and afraid. He makes it free of cost and 24 hours open for all, no restrictions no binding. You can write anything that comes your mind and think.You can use your free time here in this group for learning English free of cost.You know there is no group or institutions in the country where you can practise and learn something free of cost except only one group that’s name is Search English group. Dear Razib sir says always don’t think about your mistakes because this group is only for practising and writing. Here nobody knocks you for your mistakes because they believe that mistake teaches us many things. That is why you can write anything about any topics without thinking about your blunders and afraid.

How we can improve our skill in english:

(Time is the best master of human beings.)

You should use your valuable time properly. If you really want to improve your skill in English you just do comment, comment and comment definitely after reading the post with full of concentration, Only comment can change your writing ability,for avoiding your shyness comment will play a vital role.For avoiding your fear comment will play the important role.you just do comment it may two or five sentences. Then day after day you will be improved unintentionally and unexpectedly to write long comment as well as post. Many of us here in SE group were not good at English and they can’t write well before joining this group now they are writer in this group like me also.You know how they have become well writer in this group only doing comment nothing else. They did comment 70-80 in a day. That is why now they are expert and can write about anything anytime.

Then think why not you?

You have this capability, yes, I believe that you also can be a good writer in this group,ask me how?you need just investing time with patience. You just try to use your capability by doing comment and follow them who write very well. Still now, if you ask me what’s the benefit of comment then what can I say, I just want to say, comment benefit is me, who is writing the post he was seriously a good commenter only and only comment has made me able to write post in front of you.I think you got your answer clearly. SE group has a extra magical power that you realized with your own eyes within few days if you are good commener.The best example is Mir Zahid Shawon vai. Only hard working and determination can change our life , he knows very well. You should follow him how to do hard work and what’s called hard work,what is called properly time use.

Don’t waste your time because
@time and tide wait for none.#

Time teaches us many things but after losing the morning time.
Thanks for reading this post patiently
Now share your thinking, am I write or wrong, you should do hard work or not?

You can share about your benefit of search English group doing comment.

All the best all of you members of SE group.

Keep writing

Keep fighting

Receive desire success.

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  1. Yes, I have hot it clearly. I have got a lot of inspiration read your post.I am trying my level best to spend my time here as much as possible. I know this group is the best flatform to learn this foreigner language without shyness, hesitation, dearness and timidity. I have plenty of time to invest here bcz I have to loss one year in my college life.

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