Writing is my Passion

Dear mates,

Hope all are well by the grace of Almighty Allah. I am also great by the Almighty.

Now i want to say about my writing passion. Once i didn’t like to write and even i didn’t write whatever i want or think.But by search English, i can write everything whatever i want.When i go anywhere, if i see any common fact or topic or matter then i try to write about that matter. It’s my improvement and all credit goes to Search English & also founder of Search English.


Search English is turning point of my learning English. You know better than me because from this group have professed a lot in their career, and also study life.Write comment is the best medicine to be fluent writer. I got fluency. Not only me but also in this group have many member. They can write, and can express their feeling, thought in their writing.

For this many success task,day by day writing is my ppassion that’s why write when i get free time and i feel better.


No more today.I will back again with my new concept.

Your Sincerely,

Azmira Jahan Rima

Moderator of Search English.

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